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Have you spent hours and hours on cleaning and when finally done realized you missed a few spots? And in no condition to pick up the dustpan again, you pretend to have not noticed the misses. We get it! Home deep cleaning is one of the most daunting tasks. But, how about we helped you stay on top of your cleaning schedule? This handy home deep cleaning checklist lays out your cleaning tasks, giving you enough time to plan, estimate what needs to be done and how much time it may take. So, instead of seeing cleaning as a one-day mission leaving you gasping for breath, you can perhaps split it over a weekend, utilize your time better and heave a sigh of relief!

What is home deep cleaning?

Home deep cleaning is way more advanced than your regular day-to-day cleaning. Your regular or basic cleaning activities would normally take an hour with the focus on cleaning the items or areas in the open and always visible. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, focuses on all the nooks and crannies as well. Plus, the idea is not just to clean but also disinfect the house, therefore taking a lot more time than your standard 1-hour cleaning.

When should you get your house deep cleaned?

Deep cleaning is usually a once or twice in a year activity. However, if you have a large family, comprising a lot of kids, we suggest you make it a quarterly affair, that is deep clean your house every three months. This apart, there are some specific occasions when you should deep clean your house, take a look:

  1. Moving into a new home: It’s always better to get your house cleaned extensively before moving in.
  1. Returning home after a long vacation: We all love taking long vacations and once back dust is the only thing visible at home. The house, it may seem, is begging to be deep cleaned.
  1. Season change: Living in India means dealing with changing season all the time - from summers to monsoon to autumn to winters to spring and the cycle continues. Most of us often fall sick during times of season change, therefore it is important that you keep your house germ and infection-free around this time.
  1. Readying the house for sale: At the time of sale of a house, a lot of potential buyers come to see the house. To be able to get the right deal, it’s important that your house is spic and span to justify the quote as well.
  1. Moving out of home: Do you really want to be saddled with cleaning your house and packing your belongings when moving out? A deep clean will, in fact, help you pack faster.
  1. Festive season: October to January means a lot of parties and guests coming over. And, as your attention would be split, thorough cleaning might just take a backseat, so better to be prepared in advance.

Home Deep Cleaning Checklist

Based on our experience in completing deep cleaning jobs in just the last six months, we have listed down the tasks that one would have to do in order to deep clean their house. You can either follow the plan to the tee or do bits and pieces, in any case you will be happy with the progress and tidiness of your house.

Before you put on your gloves and take up the mop, it’s important to declutter your house. Simply put, pick up all the stray items, such as newspapers, magazines, and toys and put them is their respective places. Next on agenda would be clothes, fold them and put them in respective wardrobes. Once you are through with this, it’s time to do some serious cleaning.


  • Vacuum upholstered furniture - sofas and couches
  • Vacuum the carpets
  • Straighten and fluff the cushions
  • Clean all the woodwork, door frames and switch boards
  • Dust the lighting fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Dust the picture frames
  • Clean the display shelves and replace all the items after dusting
  • Vacuum the hallways and stairs


  • Scrub and sanitize the bath tubs and shower area
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets
  • Make your bath fittings and faucets shine
  • Disinfect the countertops and floors
  • Wipe the mirrors
  • Clean the cabinets and throw away empty bottles or expired items
  • Clean the windows and windowsills
  • Dust the lights and fans


  • Clean all appliances inside out: blender, toaster, microwave, OTG, Refrigerator
  • Wipe all woodwork, door frames and switchboards
  • Clean the window and windowsill
  • Sanitize and clean the chimney and exhaust fan in your kitchen

  • Change the sheets and make the beds
  • Straighten and fluff the pillows and cushions
  • Clean the bedside tables and the trinkets on display
  • Clean the lights and ceiling fans
  • Wipe all woodwork, door frames and switch boards
  • Dust all the furniture in the rooms: tables, wardrobes, couches and chairs
  • Wipe and dust the mirrors and picture frames
  • Clean the LCD panel and re-place all the items once done

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