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Make Your House Smell Good

  Achieving a clean and shiny home is not enough. It should smell fresh and aromatic, as well. That means identifying musty smells and treating them as soon as possible to ensure a healthy and hygienic indoor environment is important. While it may be difficult to keep bad odours at bay, there are certain ways that can help you deodorise every corner of your living space without even using artificial scents and chemical-based products. Of course, pet smells and other unpleasant odours are hard to banish, but regular dusting and wiping can make this task a bit easier.   The following hacks will work wonders, especially when you are preparing the rental property for a final inspection. Most professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast use natural deodorises and other eco-friendly products to leave a property smelling fresh and pleasant. So, follow these tried and tested tricks and say goodbye to lousy odours from your home. 1. Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean Does your kitchen sme

Cleaning Blunders That Affect The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpets require regular cleaning for maintaining their appearance and adequate sanitation. Making these fixtures neat and tidy usually does not require much effort if the right cleaning supplies and correct cleaning techniques are employed. When the carpet and rugs become heavily soiled and extremely dirty, homeowners and tenants prefer hiring end of lease cleaning service in Gold Coast for carpet sanitation solutions. However, for frequent upkeep and maintenance, people usually perform DIY carpet cleaning. Although carpet cleaning is not rocket science, homeowners/tenants can make mistakes causing irreversible damage. Want to avoid making errors that can affect the appearance and longevity of your carpets? Outlined below are five carpet cleaning blunders you should be aware of, have a look! 1. Not Testing the Cleaning Supplies before Use Carpets and rugs are made with a variety of materials and come in different grades, making it essential to test cleaning products and tools

End of lease cleaning - Start from the kitchen

When moving out, we have to think about really many thinks like: cleaning, furnishing and so. End of tenancy is related to the variety of tasks we should check as quickly as possible so that to finish with the relocation properly. End of lease cleaning should be carried out observing all the points of the contract and trying not to miss anything. If you are about to move out and realize very well that you have much to do in the future, book professional end of tenancy cleaning and forget about this annoying obligation. Or roll up sleeves and stay with us because we are going to help you with the end of lease cleaning… Some people are willing to do thing in the best way possible regardless of the funds they will invest in it. If it is about the end of tenancy cleaning, have in mind that in this case you will have to be aware that: Cleanliness must be perfect so that to be able to get your deposit back in full; Furniture should be undamaged and unscratched; Bathroom must