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What is a Bond Cleaning

Whether if you call it a bond cleaning , an end of lease cleaning or an exit cleaning ; chances are you’ll have to perform one when you move out of your property. It’s a legal requirement of your tenancy and the process for which you’ll get your bond refunded. If you’re new to renting or just want to get caught up on the ins-and-outs of ending your tenancy, this guide will walk you through the bond refund process and fully answer the question, “What is a bond cleaning”? A bond cleaning, also known as an exit cleaning, is the comprehensive cleaning of your rental property at the end of your lease. The purpose of the bond clean is to restore the property to the original condition when first moved in. If the real estate agent determines that there is any damage to the property or that it still requires cleaning, a claim may be lodged against your bond. The bond refund process At the start of your lease, the real estate agent or landlord will lodge your bond (usually 4-weeks