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Rental rights you didn't know

  These days the prospect of home ownership is slipping further out of reach for many Australians, and not just those on lower incomes. The growing ranks of renters face a shortage of properties, high rents, low quality rental stock, and the likelihood of having to find a new place to live on a regular basis. In short, it's ugly out there and getting uglier. Now more than ever, Australian renters need to be across their rights and be willing to exercise them.  "Renting can, and should, be a legitimate long-term housing option for those who want it," says Yaelle Caspi from the Tenants Union of Victoria. "Unfortunately, tenants are often unaware of their rights or are reluctant to enforce the rights they do have for fear of possible reprisal, particularly given the shortage of affordable rental properties." With the outbreak of the coronavirus at hand, renters in Australia now have some new rights, although they're only temporary. The federal gov

Bond Cleaning - What Can You Expect?

Moving out can be difficult, especially for those homemakers who have a deep emotional attachment to their old home. And in this difficult time, one of the worst things what one would want to do is clean up their apartment. But, it is important to do it, or else, one would have to forfeit their bond money.   One common question on everyone's lips is- What Includes In a Professional Bond Cleaning and it is expensive? Bond money varies but generally, they are equal to a month's rent. And so, it's understandable why homemakers make so much of an effort to clean up their residence. To make this bond cleaning easy and less strenuous, you can always rely on the experience and knowledge of professional home cleaners . These pros are the best bet for ensuring the living space is properly cleaned and in its best shape before vacating it. Those who have not taken up professional bond cleaning service in Gold Coas t , here's what to expect out of them. Top to Down Kit

Regular Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

  Regular cleaning is something that people usually do time to time to get rid of dirt and dust in their houses. Bond cleaning , on the other hand, is something that tenants do to get their bond money back from the property owner/ landlord once the lease agreement comes to an end. However, both of them involves cleaning, they are quite different on various parameters- duration, cleaners, equipment, importance, cost and so on. In this post, you will read about some striking differences between regular cleaning and bond cleaning Gold Coast . Let’s have a look: Involvement of Bond Money Once the lease agreement is over and the time has come for the tenants to move to a new house, the uncertainty of getting the bond money is really frustrating as well as stressful. The tenants usually face a dispute with the owner over the bond money due to cleaning standard of the rental property. That is why tenants usually hire a bond cleaning business Gold Coast. They help them to get their b

Tips to Receive Your Bond Back

  Moving out of your rental property? You’ll need to give it a thorough clean before handing the keys back over. Whilst this may not sound like fun, leaving you property looking spick and span will certainly help with receiving your bond back . Here are end of lease cleaning tips to help ensure your property manager and landlord is happy with the way you’ve vacated your rental property. General Cleaning Tips   Clean from top to bottom, back to front and left to right. Having a systematic process will help.   Keep all your cleaning products and materials in one bucket, this will help you clean faster.   Always do a dry clean, i.e. dusting, sweeping, etc., before wiping with a damp cloth or mopping.   Remove all traces of pets if applicable. You may even need to fumigate the property. Exterior Cleaning Tips Thoroughly clean every exterior surface from the outdoor chairs to the BBQ. Mow the lawn, tidy the gardens and sweep the patio/deck. Remove dust and cobwe