Cleaning Blunders That Affect The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpets require regular cleaning for maintaining their appearance and adequate sanitation. Making these fixtures neat and tidy usually does not require much effort if the right cleaning supplies and correct cleaning techniques are employed.

When the carpet and rugs become heavily soiled and extremely dirty, homeowners and tenants prefer hiring end of lease cleaning service in Gold Coast for carpet sanitation solutions.

However, for frequent upkeep and maintenance, people usually perform DIY carpet cleaning. Although carpet cleaning is not rocket science, homeowners/tenants can make mistakes causing irreversible damage. Want to avoid making errors that can affect the appearance and longevity of your carpets? Outlined below are five carpet cleaning blunders you should be aware of, have a look!

1. Not Testing the Cleaning Supplies before Use

Carpets and rugs are made with a variety of materials and come in different grades, making it essential to test cleaning products and tools on your carpet before using them. The type of the carpet - woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, or flat weaved is also a factor to consider while cleaning.

Thus, like carpet cleaning experts in Gold Coast, you should test every cleaning solution and tool on an inconspicuous spot to determine the results. For example, if a cleaner is too strong for the carpet, then the spot may become discoloured or damaged, which will help you to know that the product is not suitable.

2. Rubbing Carpet Stains and Spots

If your carpet is stained or spotted due to spillage, don’t make the mistake of scrubbing them as it can damage the carpet fibres and make the stain embed deeper into the material.

The stain may disappear from view by rubbing, but it can reappear after a few hours or the next day. The best way to remove stains and spots from carpets and rugs is to use the dabbing method. Immediately after spilling something or spotting a stain, dab the area with a dry microfiber cloth/paper towel.

Next, saturate the spot with a suitable cleaner and dab until the stain is removed. Make sure to collect the residue by vacuuming and letting the carpet air dry.

3. Using More Cleaner than Required

Contrary to popular belief, using too much cleaning solution is a bad thing, and it is valid for carpet cleaners as well. The disadvantages of using excessive cleaning products are listed below.

  • The carpets become caked with detergent or soap residue
  • Leftover cleaner residue attracts dirt and makes the carpets grimy
  • Harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach can pollute the indoor air with fumes if used too much

While using commercial carpet cleaners besides ensuring they are organic and non-toxic, please read the label to know how much cleaner to use and how much time to give the product to work effectively. Labels usually have instructions for product removal from carpets so make sure to read all the details carefully.

4. Not Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally

People often delay or ignore getting their carpets cleaned professionally, thinking their DIY sanitising methods eliminate the need. However, you need to avail professional carpet cleaning service even when you perform regular cleaning of carpets at home.

Over time, your carpet collects dust mite allergies, dirt, grime, and stains which are difficult to remove without using industrial equipment, high-grade products, and expert techniques.

By sanitising carpets at home and not hiring professionals, you cause more harm than good to your carpets as they become worn and their life decreases. Thus, make sure to get in touch with an end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast that offers a variety of carpet cleaning services. Get professionals to analyse your carpets and perform the necessary tasks to get optimum results.

5. Ignoring Carpet Warranty Terms while Cleaning

Most reputed carpet manufacturers offer warranties for the product after installation. These warranties may cover wear & tear, stains, soiling, fading, odours, and pet guarantees.

Warranty booklets usually have cleaning and maintenance instructions to follow, and if they are ignored, your carpet warranty can become void. Thus, before cleaning, please read the policy and its terms to know what products & tools are acceptable to use.

Additionally, make sure you can cleanthe carpets without professional help, as your warranty may require a reputed cleaning company to clean the fixtures for the duration of the warranty. In such cases, it is best to avail service from a reputed end of lease cleaningcompany in Gold Coast that offers a host of carpet cleaning solutions.


Cleaning your carpets regularly is essential to maintain their appearance and increase their longevity. Using the right products, techniques, and equipment are essential for upkeeping the carpets and ensuring they remain free of contaminants and smells.

Cleaning these fixtures in your house may seem uncomplicated, but you can make the cleaning blunders mentioned above. Thus, make sure to avoid these mistakes and get professional help whenever required to keep your carpets looking as good as new at all times.

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