Do Not Disinfect Your House Too Much

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of residents in Gold Coast have become aware of the benefits of disinfecting. Besides regular cleaning, people understand the importance of killing germs to reduce the risk of getting bacterial and viral infections.

Without disinfecting, you cannot get optimum results for sanitation in your house. However, it is essential to use products in the right amount and not excessively, as some of you might be doing. Cleaning and disinfecting are vital, but too much of these activities is bad, according to professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast.

Understandably, you want to make your home safe and secure, but are you disinfecting your house too much? Read on to find out the ill-effects of excessive disinfection and how to do it correctly.

Harmful Effects of Using Chemical Disinfectants Excessively

Commercial disinfecting solutions are usually made with a variety of chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Using these products in moderation and the right amount gives good results, but when they are used excessively, you and other household members may experience the following harmful effects.

  • Skin Irritation & Rashes: Professional bond cleaner in Gold Coast often wear gloves and coveralls while disinfecting homes because they are exposed to them frequently. Repeated exposure to disinfectants can lead to skin irritation and the development of itchy rashes.
  • Burning and Itchy Eyes: Disinfectants constituting bleach, ammonia, chlorine, sodium hydroxide etc. produce fumes which can make your eyes burn and itch.
  • Respiratory Issues: Volatile organic compounds in disinfectants can affect your lungs and irritate respiratory tracts. Overexposure can cause asthma, coughing, sneezing, and many other problems.
  • Kidney/Liver Damage: Disinfectants containing ethanolamine can cause damage to liver and kidney with excessive exposure. This chemical is a pH adjuster that keeps the disinfectant stable, but it is harmful for humans and animals.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Commonly, when you are exposed to disinfectants regularly and for long durations, you can experience headaches and nausea.


How to Use Disinfectants Correctly?

To avoid using disinfectants excessively and exposing yourself plus others to harmful chemicals, here are tips by professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast on how to use disinfectants correctly.

  • Clean before Disinfecting: Often people think cleaning and disinfecting are similar. However, both are different activities that should be performed in the right order. To disinfect a surface or object correctly, you need to clean it first to remove all contaminants that can shield the germs. Remember cleaning is for removing dust, dirt, grime, debris, and particles from an area whereas disinfecting is to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Read the Label: To ensure you use the right amount of product, always read the label for usage directions. Usually, it is mentioned how much disinfectant you need to use, and whether it should be diluted with water. Using the right concentration of the product is vital for minimising its toxic effects on household members and preventing damage to surfaces/objects.
  • Don’t Mix Disinfectants: To avoid exposure to harmful fumes, please don’t mix two disinfectants. For example, ammonia and chlorine bleach should never be combined as the reaction releases fatal gases.
  • Ventilate the Area: Before you disinfectant an area, please open windows and doors to ventilate it properly. Additionally, keep children, pets, and other household members away from the space until the smell of the disinfectant disappears.
  • Wipe not Spray: Rather than spraying the disinfecting solution on a surface or object, you can get better results by wiping with a cloth wet with the solution. It not only helps to apply the disinfectant on the surface/object evenly but also prevents permeation of indoor air with the product. Spraying can pollute the indoor environment, whereas wiping will not introduce the product’s droplets in the surroundings.

Should You Hire Professional Cleaners?

Professional cleaners have the expertise, the right equipment, and knowledge of using cleaning and disinfecting products correctly. Following are the situations when it is better to seek their assistance rather than performing sanitation yourself.

  • You are at the end of your tenancy and need to clean and disinfect your rented real estate. For bond cleaning, hiring bond cleaners in Brisbane is the most practical solution.
  • You are clueless about cleaning and disinfecting your house. You don’t have the right equipment or products for performing these activities adequately.
  • Your house requires deep cleaning and disinfecting because household members keep falling sick repeatedly or multiple members suffered from a bacterial or viral disease.

If you or your household members are having health issues after using disinfectants, you may be using too much of it. To avoid getting sick and exposing everyone to harmful fumes and chemicals, use this guide to learn the ill-effects of excessive products and how to use them correctly.

Additionally, know when you need to take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast instead of cleaning yourself.

The Bond cleaning provides high quality cleaning services in Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs, with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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